Smart farming is a modern farming concept using technology and better management practice without impact on environment. In modern culture and urbanization many other tradition works will change with modern technology and fast and easiest way to doing work, In this way agriculture is one of most developing site to do modern sculpture and tradition to transfer modern.

Smart farming is modern concept to better management of farm with smart way, Monitoring of farm/ livestock, crop, soil/water management, plant health, yield improvement and better disease & pest management.

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  • Smart Farming concepts:

Smart farming is use of modern information and communication technology to increase Quality and Quantity product while optimizing human labor required.

  • Present day technology use in Smart agriculture

Sensors: Soil, Water, Light, Humidity, Temperature management sensors.

Software: Specialize software are formed in market they target specific sensor for data collection.

Connectivity: Connectivity is the bridge of connecting software and hardware throw the internet by using of wifi & cellular network for data transformation.

Location: GPS, Satellite.

Data analytics: Analyzing available data from the sensor, arranging, correction by computers and stored on drive.

Robotics: Automated tractors, Drones, processing facilities.

  • IoT in agriculture

 The farming and agriculture industry relies on innovative ideas and technology advancement to improve yield and better allocation researches. In this century numbers of innovations: like Tractor, and harvesters are develops. Modern concept of agriculture is reducing labor and improves farm efficiency. Smart agriculture iot help lots of for developing a smart farm, a deriving force increased agriculture production at a lower cost in the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Livestock sensors can notify ranchers when animals have roamed from the herd so that ranch hands can round them up.
  • Soil sensors can alert farmers to irregular conditions like high acidity, giving the farmer time to reconcile the issue and produce better crops.
  • Self-driving tractors can be controlled remotely, providing significant savings in labor costs.


Precision Farming

Many family are belong to farming is the first occupation but they compile with ordinary faring which are performed may past years. Precision farming or precision agriculture is a practice on farm using appropriate technology. The farming increasing adoption rate of technology in agriculture shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. Farming is highly land and labor-intensive. Farmers are driven to use technology to increase efficiency and manage costs.

Advantages of hydroponics”

Use of modern technology and increases work efficiency and decrease labor, batter management of time and adaptation of environment for increasing product quality and quantity which are formed on field.

  • Component of precision farming:
  • Variable rate technology (VRT)
  • GPS/ satellite
  • Computer-based applications
  • Remote sensing technology

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